Lebanese reports indicate seven targets were attacked on the Israeli-Syrian border. Anti-aircraft missiles were fired at Israeli jets in response.

Grad rockets used by Hezbollah
(photo credit: Alma Research Institute)

Seven different targets were attacked on the Israeli-Syrian border on Monday night, according to Lebanese reports.

According to the reports, anti-aircraft missiles were fired toward fighter jets above southern Lebanon in response to seven different targets being attacked on the border with Syria.

One of the attacks was reported to have been in the Beqaa Valley and targeted a strategic asset for Hezbollah linked to the organization’s clerical domain.

Hezbollah in Beqaa

HEZBOLLAH OPERATIVES salute during the funeral of comrades killed in an Israeli strike, in Shehabiya, south Lebanon, April 17. (credit: AFP VIA GETTY IMAGES)

Hezbollah concentrates all its strategic assets in the Beqaa Valley, far from Israel’s border.

The attack was carried out in multiple waves, intended to send a clear message to Nasrallah regarding airspace freedom over Lebanon. According to Lebanese reports, Israeli fighter jets passed the speed of sound in various Lebanese areas to further convey Israel’s message to Hezbollah.

The intensity of the attacks, according to reports, deviates from the norm. As reported, an attack on Al-Harmel, located about 130 km from the Israeli border, is one of the furthest IDF attacks in Lebanon since the beginning of the conflict. Earlier today, Lebanon claimed Hezbollah downed an Israeli drone.

As reported by The Jerusalem Post