JERUSALEM — Eleven people were injured in a rocket attack on northern Israel by Hezbollah. The rockets slammed into a cultural center in the Bedouin village of Arab el-Aramshe in the Western Galilee, injuring the residents, two of them seriously.

An IAF helicopter was sent to the region to help evacuate the injured parties. During the course of their evacuation to hospital, more shots were fired from Lebanon towards the village, which is located not far from the border. In the 2006 2nd Lebanon war, two residents of the village were killed by a missile launched by Hezbollah from Lebanon.

Moment of explosion in Arab El-Aramshe, 4.17.24

Hezbollah has taken responsibility for the attack, which it claimed was a coordinated incursion by rockets and drones.

In the meantime, residents of the nearby town of Shlomi [who have returned to their homes which they left after Oct. 7th] have been asked to stay near safe rooms.

The Hezbollah attack comes after two targeted eliminations of Hezbollah field commanders by Israel on Tuesday. One of the commanders, who directed the coastal region for the terrorist organization, was eliminated in the town of Tyre on the Lebanon coast.

As reported by VINnews