Social media users across multiple countries have posted images of rocket debris, alleging fragments from Iranian missiles that landed in their regions

As the Iranian attack against Israel began in the early hours of Sunday, videos of missiles and rockets being fired circulated on social media. Most of these videos were filmed in Iraq, unsurprising given the proximity of the areas.

Social media users shared photos from various areas in Iraq in the morning, claiming they depicted Iranian missiles that fell across the country.

Missile fragments located in Iraq

A local journalist shared on X photos of missile fragments and hollow pipes, noting that two Iranian missiles fell on Iraqi soil: one in Al-Yusufiyah southwest of Baghdad, and the other in Rowanduz in the northern Erbil Province. He later uploaded another video, claiming it showed an Iranian missile that crashed in Erbil.

Saudi channel Al Hadath reported on Sunday that an Iranian drone launched as part of the attack on Israel was found in the city of Al-Najaf in Iraq, according to a security source.

The Jordanian parliament issued a statement urging various media outlets to report accurate information and avoid spreading rumors that could stoke an atmosphere of fear.

The statement noted that some of the Iranian missiles that entered Jordanian airspace were dealt with and removed to prevent danger to citizens and residential neighborhoods. “Some debris fell in several places without causing significant damage or injuries. The only step taken was the temporary closure of Jordanian airspace,” it claimed.

As reported by Ynetnews