JERUSALEM — BDE: One of the people injured in Sunday night’s terrorist stabbing has died of his injuries.

Lidor was described by his family as a “father, husband, brother and son par excellence, a person full of love, nobility and devotion. An anchor for his family and a paragon for all around him. His goal in life was to help people with modesty and humility. Lidor left a huge vacuum in our hearts, we will continue to live according to the values he imparted to us in order to perpetuate him.”

Lidor was seriously injured in 2009 while fighting in Gaza in the combat engineers unit. Despite receiving an exemption from reserve duty he tried to enlist again and fight in the current war.”

In Sunday’s attack the terrorist, Mohammed Faiz (19) from Dura near Hevron, jumped on passersby in the mall in Gan Yavneh, stabbing three people repeatedly with two knives he had. He was then neutralized by a local policeman. Faiz was an illegal resident who had previously worked in Gan Yavne.

As reported by VINnews