See photos of the house in ruins: Former PLO chairman died in 2004, and his house has been used as a museum since then

The IDF destroyed the home of former PLO chairman Yasser Arafat in the center of Gaza City in the northern Gaza Strip, which had been used as a museum since his death in 2004. Arafat lived there between 1995 and 2001. Gaza was where in 1994 Yasser Arafat returned to the Palestinian territories after 27 years in exile, following the Oslo peace accords with Israel.

Arafat was the founder in the 1950s of the Fatah Party, which currently makes up the government of the Palestinian Authority, led by Mahmoud Abbas. On January 20, 1996, Arafat was elected president of the PA with an 83% majority.

Together with Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin and President Shimon Peres, Arafat was awarded the 1994 Nobel Peace Prize or his involvement in the 1993 Oslo Peace Accords.

IDF forces struck Yasser Arafat’s Gaza City home
Arafat’s Gaza City home had served as a museum to the PLO leader
The outside of Yasser Arafat’s destroyed Gaza City home
The remains of Yasser Arafat’s Gaza home

Arafat died in November 2004 in France at the age of 75, where he had been flown two weeks earlier from Ramallah after he became ill.

In August 1970, Arafat declared: “Our basic aim is to liberate the land from the Mediterranean Sea to the Jordan River. We are not concerned with what took place in June 1967 or in eliminating the consequences of the June war. The Palestinian revolution’s basic concern is the uprooting of the Zionist entity from our land and liberating it.” Palestinians and supporters use the phrase “from the river to the sea” to this day to refer to destroying the state of Israel/

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