JERUSALEM — BDE: The IDF announced Wednesday night that 36-year-old Major (res.) Yitzhar Hoffman from was killed on Wednesday in an encounter with terrorists near the Shati refugee camp in northern Gaza.

Hoffman, a decorated soldier who served in the Shaldag commando unit which specializes in clandestine operations, combat search and rescue, commando style raids, hostage rescues and irregular warfare, was one of the first to respond on Oct. 7th to the Hamas incursion and fought alongside his friends in Kibbutz Beeri to fend off the terrorists there.

Yitzhar’s sister said that he had felt guilty that he was unable to save more people on that day. The fighting went on for three days before all terrorists were killed or captured. When residents of the Kibbutz and the neighboring communities met with him to thank him for what he had done, Hoffman stood up and apologized to one member. “We looked for you for hours and I am sorry we could not reach you sooner. We did the best we could,” he said.

A native of the settlement of Ofra, Yitzhar set up his home in the Galilee village of Eshchar, where he lived with his wife and two young children. When the IDF started maneuvering in Gaza, Yitzhar was once again one of the first soldiers to go in to the fighting and was almost immediately wounded by a bullet in the leg.

Yizhar recuperating from his injury in hospital.He demanded to return to the front line

A family friend said that when he was injured, she and others were relieved and hoped he would remain at home. “He was always the one to run into battle first and we knew how dangerous the fighting was where he had been.”

Undeterred, Yitzhar left hospital even before his wound had properly healed and rejoined his buddies in the Gaza strip, where he continued his involvement in many operations until he fell on January 31 (21 Shvat 5784).

Yitzhar had already been recognized as one of the heroes of the Swords of Steel war, and was supposed to receive a commendation in the coming week for his bravery.

May his blood be avenged.

As reported by VINnews