NEW YORK — An NYU professor says that Hamas did not commit atrocities such as beheading babies and torturing women on October 7, telling a group of students: “We know it’s not true.”

“We live in a Zionist city,” Amin Husain said at an event in December organized by Students for Justice in Palestine at The New School. “No, let’s be real about this, let’s be ——— real.”

In the video of the sickening comments, Husain sits wearing a keffiyeh while speaking to a classroom as he comments on the “Palestinian liberation struggle.”

The adjunct professor also joked about his reputation for being antisemitic, referencing a petition launched by an NYU alumnus calling for his dismissal: “I have a petition going around, right, because I’m antisemitic. I won the honors of antisemitic multiple times.”

Husain mentioned his profile on the site Canary Mission, which says he organized multiple violent disruptions and incited hatred of the US, police, and pro-Israel supporters. The profile also states that he claimed to have participated in the first intifada, visited a leader of Palestinian Islamic Jihad, and has expressed support for the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine.

“Everything they cite. . . is true,” Husain said about the profile.

Congressman Ritchie Torres, a staunch Israel supporter, commented on the professor’s remarks: “October 7th denial, a close cousin of Holocaust denial, is the latest mutation in the DNA of antisemitism. The latest embarrassment is Amin Husain, a professor who not only downplays but also outright denies the atrocities of Hamas, telling his students that October 7th is ‘not true’”..

“The higher education industrial complex has been exposed as a cesspool of antisemitism.”

In an email to The Free Press, NYU spokesperson John Beckman said the university does not “discuss the details of an employee’s work records. All members of our community must adhere to the University’s discrimination and anti-harassment policies. We investigate all complaints we receive and take appropriate action, which may include taking interim measures such as suspension.” When pressed on whether or not Husain is still employed by NYU, Beckman wrote, “He’s not currently in the classroom.”

As reported by VINnews