JERUSALEM — BDE: Major (res.) Dan Wajdenbaum, fell in battle in Gaza, the IDF said Saturday evening.

Wajdenbaum, age 24, from Ra’anana, fought in Battalion 5037 of the Yiftah Brigade, and fell Friday in battle in central Gaza.

His family has been notified.

In other developments, a deal to provide medicines to hostages being held in Gaza is set to go forward Sunday [which marks their 100th day in captivity], as Qatar has provided guarantees to Israel to bring proof that the medicines will reach their intended recipients.

The medicines will include asthma treatments, diabetic treatments, blood thinners and other treatments for high blood pressure and cardiological issues, digestive system treatments and endocrinological medicines. These medicines are for specific hostages suffering from various ailments which require urgent medical assistance.

Qatar had purchased the medicines based on Israel’s demands and will also distribute them via the Red Cross and bring Israel proof that they reached the hostages. In return Israel will significantly increase the medical supplies entering the Gaza strip for the general population..

As reported by VINnews