JERUSALEM — BDE: As has unfortunately occurred almost daily during the war with Hamas, the IDF announced Sunday that three soldiers had fallen in the Gaza strip:

-26-year-old Major (Res.) Yosef Avner Doran from Jerusalem, a tactical member of the Shayetet 13 unit, fell in the northern Gaza strip.

-Eitan Naeh, a member of the Sde Eliyahu kibbutz in the Beit Shean valley, died of wounds sustained in action last week in the Gaza strip. Naeh is the second member of the region killed in action in recent days, after Shai Pizam, a member of neighboring Ein Hanatziv, was killed Friday.

However the third casualty, who also died of wounds sustained last week, is Uriah Bayer, a gentile resident of Maalot-Tarshicha. Uriah, a reserve officer in the Maglan army unit, is a member of a German family who settled in Maalot specifically in order to try and atone for the crimes of the Nazis by doing good for the Jewish people. The family established a special sanatorium, Beit Eliezer, for Holocaust survivors which they have been running for decades out of a sense of mission and based on volunteerism, without trying to gain profit from the enterprise. Volunteers come from Germany and other countries to care for the aging survivors.

Despite being gentiles and not being eligible for citizenship, all the members of the family volunteered to serve in the IDF in combat roles. Uriah was very seriously injured last week by shrapnel and died of his wounds Sunday.

May their blood be avenged.

As reported by VINnews