NEW YORK — Jewish-American actress Julianna Margulies cannot recall her feelings on October 7th without bursting into tears. Speaking to Israel’s Channel 12 about her efforts at pro-Israel PR work, she said that “It was surreal to hear what was happening, and terrifiying and frightening. I couldn’t stop thinking about my grandfather and grandmother and what they went through”

Margulis (57) said that she was shocked to find that once again the Jewish people in the US felt “very alone”, without unanimous national support. She decided to “adopt” one of the captives who is in the hands of Hamas, Yarden Roman, in order “to make their stories personal, more authentic.” In order to spread her story, the actress, who boasts a significant following on social media, met with Yarden’s brother Gili and cousin Maya in order to learn more about her.

Gili said that he was very tired when he met Margulies but “she gave us lots of energy and hope. Its very important for us that somebody with such a big platform is willing to share our story to help us, both as a family and Israelis.”

Gili said that Yarden was a big fan of Margulies, especially in her role in “Good Wives”.

Margulies said she felt obliged to act since “Those who stand silent are complicit. I can’t stand and watch these atrocities without saying this is wrong.” Although she realizes the price of expressing her Jewishness, Margulies says “I’m on the right side of history.”

She added that she is disappointed that Hollywood wasn’t standing behind her “Screaming for justice,” but stressed that “Many of us in this country feel the depth of what you are feeling and we are carrying this burden with you.”

Margulies said that she feels “part of the (Roman) family” and said that she was so happy to meet Gili, put her arms around him and say that she cared for his loved ones.

As reported by VINnews