JERUSALEM — During Sunday’s cabinet meeting, Israeli prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu today (Sunday) convened a special team of ministers to decide how Eritrean infiltrators who break the law should be dealt with, following the violent attacks on police officers that took place Saturday in southern Tel Aviv.

At the request of National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir, and with the assent of the Interior Ministry and the Prosecutor’s Office, most of the detainees from the riots will continue to be held in administrative detention, even with a relatively low level of evidence.

Ben-Gvir requested that the police that any additional rioters who are arrested also be held in administrative detention. The ministers agreed to promote a Basic Law: Immigration to deal with the issue of illegal infiltration, and to examine the possibility of revoking the work permits of people who are staying in Israel illegally.

At least 40 people remained hospitalized Sunday morning, 12 of them in serious condition, with injuries sustained during the violent clashes in south Tel Aviv between supporters and opponents of Eritrea’s government on Saturday.

Tel Aviv’s Ichilov Medical Center said 24 people were still hospitalized there, including seven in serious condition. The injuries were not life-threatening, the hospital said.

At Ramat Gan’s Sheba Medical Center, four people were still hospitalized, three of them in critical condition. A policeman was hospitalized in moderate condition in the neurosurgery unit after having a piece of a camping stove removed from his head.

Prime Minister Netanyahu said at the beginning of the discussion: “The massive illegal infiltration into Israel from Africa posed a real threat to Israel’s future as a Jewish and democratic state. We stopped this threat by building the fence; building the fence involved overcoming opposition from the security establishment and our political opponents. When we stopped it, we stopped the infiltration completely, and I am proud that the governments under my leadership did this.”

Netanyahu added that “There remains the problem of those who had already entered before the completion of the fence, tens of thousands of illegal infiltrators who entered Israel. We removed twelve thousand of them voluntarily, through various incentives and various measures. We wanted more, we proposed a series of measures, including the recent deposit law, and unfortunately all were rejected by the Supreme Court.”

As reported by VINnews