US Rep. Steve Cohen, who represents the Memphis area, said the shooter was Jewish and formerly attended the school.

Children run past an ambulance near the Covenant School after a shooting in Nashville, Tennessee, US March 27, 2023

A man who was firing bullets at a Jewish school in Memphis, Tennessee was shot dead by police at 12:20PM local time on Tuesday, according to multiple media reports. 

Memphis Police Assistant Chief Don Crowe said that the suspect was attempting to enter Margolin Hebrew Academy/Feinstone Yeshiva of the South but was stopped by double security doors at the school. 

Crowe said the man had fired multiple shots at the school before leaving. No one at the school was injured.

“Thankfully, that school had a great safety procedure and process in place and avoided anyone being harmed or injured at that scene,” said Crowe at a press conference. He praised the school’s actions.

PROTESTERS GATHER outside the Tennessee State Capitol to call for an end to gun violence and stronger gun laws, after a deadly shooting at the Covenant School in Nashville, last month. (credit: CHENEY ORR/REUTERS)

“We can confirm that no one has been hurt in any way, and everyone is now safe, thank G-d. Please look out for further communication with additional information to come. In the meantime, our campus is completely closed. We thank you for your understanding,” the school said in a statement quoted by WREG-TV in Memphis.

“I am proud of the vigilant and quick response of MPD officers who mitigated a potential mass shooting situation today,” said police chief Cerelyn Davis in a statement.

Police had engaged with the suspect a short distance from the school and shot him after he allegedly left his vehicle armed with a gun.

Information available on the  suspected shooter

The suspect is currently in critical condition at a nearby hospital.

It is now believed that the shooter may have attended the school and is Jewish.

US Rep. Steve Cohen, who represents the Memphis area, said “We have recently learned that the shooter at the Margolin Hebrew Academy was himself Jewish and a former student at the school. I am pleased the academy had effective security and that the police acted quickly to protect students,” in a press release.

A spokesperson for the Secure Community Network, an organization that has worked with the school through the Memphis Jewish Federation, also told the incident at the academy “was personal in nature.”

An image of the suspected shooter was taken from CCTV and posted on Twitter.

Memphis Police describe the suspect as a white male, and stated that he was driving a red truck with California plates.

The Jewish community of Memphis’ reaction

The Jewish Foundation of Memphis released a statement stating that “We are shocked by the events that took place earlier today at the Margolin Hebrew Academy, and incredibly thankful that no one at the school was injured. For those who may not have seen the news, an individual with a handgun attempted to enter the school around noon today. Shots were fired, but no one was injured at the scene.”

“Although the investigation into details of the incident is ongoing, we want to acknowledge the incredible bravery of the school’s leaders, especially Brandy Flack who acted quickly in contacting local law enforcement and our Regional Security Advisor, Amanda Braswell.”

“Thankfully, protocols were in place to keep the offender out of the building. In addition, security cameras captured the information needed for law enforcement to identify and eventually apprehend the offender.”

As reported by The Jerusalem Post