The estimated due date of Eniav and Liam was indeed close, but the doctors thought that the twin birth would occur at least two weeks earlier, eventually, all babies came almost at the same time

Eniav and Liam got pregnant almost at the same time and went through the experience together and on Sunday they realized that even their delivery was set in motion simultaneously, at 03:45 am.

In the afternoon, twins, a boy, and a girl were born to 34-year-old Einav Eliyahu, and less than four hours later, her older sister, 36-year-old Liam Harush gave birth to her newborn daughter.

Eniav and Liam
(Photo: Galilee Medical Center)

The heartwarming event at the Galilee Medical Center has become the talk of the day in the maternity ward. “We never thought that we would find ourselves in the same delivery room, giving birth almost together,” Eliyahu shared in an interview with Ynet. “But we always joked that in the end, against all odds, it would happen.”

It also turned out that without planning it in advance, the two sisters shared the news of their pregnancies with their parents one day after the next.

They wanted to keep the news a secret from the rest of the family until they received the results of the pregnancy tests. However, their mother and grandmother couldn’t keep the excitement to themselves and shared the news of the sisters’ pregnancies.

“Mom accompanied Einav and supported her during the birth of the twins, and then she immediately went up to the ward, she had to gather her strength and prepare for another birth. In one day, the family welcomed three grandchildren,” Harush said with a smile.

(Photo: Galilee Medical Center)

The estimated due date for both of them was indeed close, but the doctors thought that Eliyahu would give birth at least two weeks earlier because she was carrying twins. While the two sisters embrace their newborn babies, Eliyahu explains that she didn’t plan to wait for her sister to give birth, but when the dates coincided, it was already a double joy, or more precisely a triple joy. “In the end, everything is dictated from above, and from now on, we will celebrate double and triple birthdays,” she said.

As reported by Ynetnews