Police also launched an investigation early Wednesday morning into a shooting incident in Lod in which a man in his 60s was killed.

The aftermath of a car chase between Israel Police officers and suspects in northern Israel, May 17, 2023
(photo credit: ISRAEL POLICE)

Israel Police officers shot a man after he aimed an M16 rifle at them when police ordered him to stop his vehicle in Ein Mahil in northern Israel on Wednesday morning.

Police arrived at the scene after receiving reports of a shooting in Ein Mahil and identified two suspects riding a scooter.

The suspects refused to respond to orders by police to stop the vehicle and attempted to flee the scene, colliding with a police car.

During the chase, one of the suspects aimed an M16 rifle at the police officers, who responded by firing at the suspect, moderately injuring him. The two suspects were arrested.

An Israel Police officer is seen arresting a man on a highway in an illustrative (credit: ISRAEL POLICE)

Lod man shot dead, police launch probe

Police also launched an investigation early Wednesday morning after receiving a report on a shooting incident in  Lod, in which a resident of the mixed city in his 60s was shot dead.

Police have begun a search for the perpetrators as officers gathered forensic evidence from the scene of the shooting. 

The background is said to be criminal, police said.

As reported by The Jerusalem Post