NEW YORK (Yaakov M / VINnews) — A frum Five Towns man whose son was brutally beaten by vicious antisemites, blasted Senator Chuck Schumer and Representative Jerry Nadler, both Jewish Democrats, for ignoring his family’s pleas for help.

On Monday, Barry Borgen testified at the House Judiciary Committee’s field hearing about violent crime in New York City.

He called out Nadler, the top Democrat on the committee, for doing nothing to help his son Joseph, whose Palestinian attacker is getting a slap on the wrist.

“You’re a Jewish New Yorker,” Borgen said to Nadler. “I called your office numerous times. I called Mr. Schumer’s office, another Jewish New Yorker, numerous times.”

“No one called us back,” Borgen said. “Neither one of you came out with a statement on my son’s incident, OK? You’re a Jewish New Yorker. You have Jewish roots here.”

Borgen’s son was beaten in 2021 in “broad daylight” in Times Square, “all because he was wearing a yarmulke going to a pro-Israel rally.”

He said what should be an “open and shut case” has been delayed by woke DA Alvin Bragg. Borgen accused Bragg of offering a “sweetheart” deal to the attacker, who threatened to attack him again.

“And here Bragg is just schlepping this case along with no solution, offering deal after deal,” Borgen said. He said that pressure from Schumer and Nadler would likely move the case along more quickly.

“If you guys would have come out with a statement from Washington saying we condemn… this beating of Mr. Borgen’s son, we condemn… this act, maybe Mr. Bragg would have taken this more seriously,” Borgen said. He said their silence makes it easier for Bragg to “just do whatever he wants to do.”

“And I call you out on it,” Borgen said of the silence from Schumer and Nadler. “And most of my friends are so disheartened with you and Mr. Schumer, you don’t understand.”

Nadler did not reply to Borgen.

Borgen also decried the fact that the good guys in New York cannot own firearms.

“Here in New York we can’t get guns,” he said. “The criminals walk around shooting people, can get guns non-stop, it’s unbelievable. And a gun charge comes to Mr. Bragg, misdemeanor, no problem, walk the streets.”

“I will not set foot in Manhattan,” he said.

As reported by VINnews