A recent intelligence report by ImageSat International (ISI) based on satellite images revealed details about an attack in Syria attributed to Israel in early March.

Satellite documentation of the location of the attack
(photo credit: ISI / MAARIV)

An intelligence report by satellite and intelligence solutions company ImageSat International (ISI) was able to determine that based on satellite images, an attack in Syria on March 12 included attacks on entrances to underground tunnels. According to intelligence estimates, these tunnels contained the means for the production of surface-to-surface missiles.

The intelligence report also states that the same location has already been attacked several times in the past.

Militia attacks blamed on Israel

In an attack attributed to Israel, two members of pro-Iranian militias were killed and three soldiers from the Syrian army were injured, as reported by Syrian media. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported that the attack was aimed at a weapons depot belonging to the pro-Iranian militias in the Tartus area.

Satellite documentation of the location of the attack (credit: ISI)

Maariv’s military commentator, Tal Lev Ram, elaborated on 103FM, saying “The time is relatively unusual, there was light, you can actually see the signs of the attack.”

He continued, “This is an area where several research centers are concentrated, an area that is relatively close to the Lebanese Bekaa [Valley]. There could be an aspect of immediate identification or desire For the message, that you want them to see the attack, it is photographed differently, and it can be an appropriate operational aspect. It shows that the story of Syria is still in the sights as far as the Air Force is concerned.”

As reported by The Jerusalem Post