NEW YORK — New York State’s Education Department (NYSED) has imposed a deadline for New York City to complete its investigations into yeshivas.

The NYSED set a six month deadline for the city to complete its probes into dozens of Charedi yeshivas.

Commissioner of Education Betty Rosa, who has targeted yeshivas for years, gave officials until the end of June to submit “detailed determinations/recommendations” about the quality of secular education in the yeshivas, according to the Daily News.

The investigations began under Mayor Bill deBlasio, however they are ongoing and have not been completed.

The newspaper also referenced a certain yeshiva in Williamsburg, which last summer was sued by the head of YAFFED, the anti-yeshiva group that has pressured Albany to impose harsh restrictions on yeshiva education. Supreme Court Judge Adam Silverman ordered the education departments to complete their investigations into the yeshiva within a few months.

The city found the yeshiva was in compliance with state law requiring “substantially equivalent” educational standards to public schools.

However the state claimed there was a lack of evidence to support the city’s conclusion, and ordered local officials to develop a plan in conjunction with the yeshiva to comply with state law.

As reported by VINnews