(Yaakov M / VINnews) — For months, Democrats have told us that mishandling classified documents is a really serious crime.

So serious, the FBI raided a former president’s estate, a special counsel was appointed, Trump’s been threatened with indictment, and being barred from holding public office.

Yet now that President Biden allegedly committed the same crime, Democrats think it’s no big deal. In fact, although Biden’s alleged crime was discovered before the midterms, the White House did not bother to disclose it until this week—and likely only did so because an investigation was about to be launched by the DOJ.

The irony. All of a sudden, what was considered a capital offense (treason?) is just a simple innocent record-keeping error.

There is indeed a big difference between Trump and Biden. Since Trump was president when he took possession of the documents, he had the right to declassify them. Biden, on the other hand, as Vice President, had no authority to declassify so much as a White House dinner menu. In Trump’s case, it is arguable that merely bringing the documents home was an act of declassification.

Even more incriminating, the documents found in Biden’s possession related to, among other things, Ukraine. The same Ukraine in which son Hunter raked in millions while sitting on the board of the Burisma energy company. The same Ukraine from which Joe Biden threatened to withhold one billion dollars, until they fired the prosecutor investigating Burisma, his son’s company, over corruption allegations.

Isn’t that a strange coincidence?

In the past, when Democrats have been embroiled in scandals like Hillary’s email server, the Steele Dossier, Obama’s Fast and Furious, IRS-gate, Spygate, Benghazi, the Hunter laptop (to name a few), the media has told us that we are overreacting, and we are conspiracy theorists.

Yet now they have an impossible dilemma. For months, violating the Presidential Records Act has been akin to espionage. Trump is evil incarnate because he took home some classified documents.

Suddenly, their guy gets caught committing the same crime! Check-mate, right?


Never underestimate the left’s ability to convince us that up is down, left is right, and the exact crime is only a problem when committed by Trump.

Their arguments are:

  1. Biden “immediately” returned the documents upon discovery. False. Biden held onto the documents for six years before returning them. And since when is stealing classified documents okay, as long as you return them?
  2. Trump took a lot more documents than Biden. First, we don’t know that. Unlike Mar-a-lago, Biden’s properties have not been raided by the FBI. Thus far we have relied on the honor system, but for all we know, Biden may have hundreds of other documents. And since when is mishandling classified documents okay, as long as it’s a small number?
  3. Biden returned the documents willingly. Again, only after six years of possessing them, and only after seeing Trump get in major trouble. Also, returning them willingly in no way negates the years he spent mishandling them.
  4. Yes they are both guilty of the exact same crime. But we despise Trump. (This argument is factually correct.)

This is simple. For months, Democrats have told us this “crime” is a really big deal. And now their own leader, by his own admission, is guilty of the same crime.

While the hypocrisy, double standard, and disingenuousness of the left has been apparent for some time, it perhaps has never been as blatantly obvious as right now, as they try to convince us that what we are seeing with our own eyes is not really there.

Hopefully even those who get their news from the mainstream media will catch on to this breathtaking, pitiful display of irony at its best.

As reported by VINnews