NEW YORK – A Utah-based kid-safe technology company is partnering with in a move that is expected to make their devices even more ideal for frum families.

Gabb Wireless—a leading kid-safe technology company offering devices and software designed specifically for kids and young teens—announced it has partnered with to include their Daily Torah Study app in Gabb’s growing library of safe 3rd-party apps for parents to enable on their children’s Gabb Devices.

Gabb devices have extensive and comprehensive protections in place to ensure children are protected from inappropriate content, and their vetting process for the apps they make available for parents to add is thorough, as apps are thoroughly vetted for safety and carefully implemented so as to avoid external links, in-app purchases, and social media access. And now,’s highly-rated Torah Study app has been made available for Gabb families to add to their devices as one of their first apps being offered on their devices.

“Providing kids and parents with the best of technology, while shielding them from the worst, is at the forefront of all we do at Gabb,” said Nate Randle, CEO of Gabb Wireless. “The option to include spirituality apps is one of the most common requests we hear from parents so we’re excited to partner with to make their Daily Torah Study app available for Gabb families.”’s Daily Torah Study app offers lessons in both the original Hebrew and translated English text, plus additional audio classes and resources from renowned scholars and teachers. First released in 2014, the app has more than 50,000 downloads and a 4.9 star rating on both Google Play and Apple’s App Store.

“ is excited to launch our Daily Torah Study app on the Gabb platform,” said Rabbi Meir Simcha Kogan,’s Director. “Our mission to use technology to inspire, unite and empower people to reach their potential and this partnership is a great fit to help families thrive in an increasingly digital world.”

And as the news of’s Daily Struday app’s availability is sure to create increased interest, Gabb is sweetening the deal for new customers, as for a very limited time, to celebrate the launch of the app, families can get a free Gabb Phone Plus (with 2-year contract), free phone case, and free month of service by visiting and using promo code CHABAD at checkout.

As reported by VINnews