JERUSALEM — In a bombshell tweet issued by one of Israel’s most prominent biologists and the former head of the Israel Institute For Biological Research, Prof. Shmuel Shapira, the professor says that “I made three mistakes – with the first vaccine, the second vaccine and the third vaccine,” in reference to the COVID-19 vaccines of Pfizer. The professor added “Who says that those who were vaccinated can’t admit they were wrong?”

Prof Shapira, who was one of the originators of an Israeli COVID-19 vaccine which was later shelved, was interviewed afterwards on Israeli television and asked to explain his position. He said that even though the Pfizer vaccines were not “fake” and had saved lives, they also “have very limited effectiveness, maybe for three months and have numerous side effects many of which are severe and have caused loss of life, and they are trying to cover this up.”

“There are publications from various places worldwide about heart infections associated with this vaccine, heart infections are sometimes lethal, it affects young people, there are significant neurological diseases associated and even a rise in susceptibility to cancer.”

Dr. Sharon Elroi-Price, Head of the Ministry of Health’s Public Health section, was quick to rebut Shapira’s claims. Speaking on Israeli radio, Price said that there is no possibility yet of knowing whether the vaccines could cause cancer, which develops over a long period of time, and might even be caused by COVID itself. Dr. Price said that Professor Shapiro is “not in touch with reality” regarding the vaccines, which do have side effects but none as serious as developing a serious case of COVID-19 itself.

As reported by VINnews