JERUSALEM –  The traditional menorah was placed in the Western Wall Plaza in Jerusalem’s Old City on Tuesday in advance of the upcoming Hanukkah holiday.

The menorah stands over two meters tall, is nearly two meters wide and weighs about a ton.

The Hanukkah candles will be lit using olive oil and special weather-resistant utensils, allowing the menorah to remain burning throughout every night of the eight-day holiday.

The nightly ceremonies will be streamed live on the Western Wall Heritage Foundation’s website and Facebook page.

For the first time ever, the White House this year included a menorah in its annual Christmas decorations tradition.
The menorah was placed in Cross Hall, a broad hallway on the first floor of the White House, underneath a wreath. It is positioned between the portraits of presidents Jimmy Carter and Lyndon Johnson.

The menorah was constructed by the Executive Residence Carpentry Shop from wood leftover from the 1950s-era renovation during Harry Truman’s presidency.

As reported by VINnews