BROOKLYN — A Hasidic man was harassed on the J train heading from Brooklyn to Manhattan on Monday.

The incident was tweeted out by another train passenger, who called the incident “terrifiying to witness.”

According to the witness, the Hasidic man was doing “literally nothing except for sitting on the train minding his business,” when he was approached by a thug who was drinking out of a bottle of hard liqour.

The witness says the man “harassed and berated the hasidic Jewish man while calling him every foul name in the book.”

Even more terrifiying, he told the victim “I could punch the **** out of you and NYPD won’t do nothing about it.”

The attacker eventually got off the train at Bowery street.

This incident brings to light the sorry state New York City is in, where the criminals are so confident in their ability to carry out violent crime without fear of punishment.

The attacker is seen in the video below.

As reported by VINnews