Or Atedgi and Natali Swissa seen on security camera footage walking near the suspected terrorist, prompting conspiracies among Hezbollah and Iran supporters; Iranian outlet IRNA shows image of the two Israelis, hinting they might be responsible for attack

Two Israeli women were spotted walking alongside a suspected terrorist who reportedly placed the explosive device in the Turkish city of Istanbul on Sunday.

At least eight people were killed and over 80 wounded when a bomb exploded in the busy shopping Istiklal Street near the Taksim Square in the city.

אור אטדגי נטלי סויסה ישראליות ישראל טורקיה איסטנבול פיגוע פיגועים פיצוץ מחבל מחבלת
Or Atedgi and Natali Swissa


Or Atedgi and Natali Swissa, residents of Ashdod, were vacationing in Turkey when security camera caught them walking next to the suspected female bomber. They reportedly already boarded a flight back to Israel.

Atedgi’s husband and Swissa’s brother Liran Atedgi told the local news outlet Ashdodnet that the two “were on a trip with at least eight other Israeli women, and on the last day they split” to go shopping.

“My wife and my sister walked in the central square near the suspected terrorist without even knowing it. She bypassed them when they stopped for a few moments in a nearby store, and once they got out, there was a massive explosion, maybe 50 meters (164 feet) from their location.

Aftermath of terror bombing in Istanbul on Sunday
Aftermath of terror bombing in Istanbul on Sunday (Photo: Reuters)


After the two Israelis were identified in the footage from the scene, rumors and conspiracy theories began emerging on the internet – mainly among Hezbollah and Iran supporters – accusing them of being responsible for the terror attack.

The Iranian media outlet IRNA also shared the image of the two Israelis, stating that “two Israeli women were seen walking alongside the suspect in the attack.”

The suspected terrorist, said to be a citizen of Syria, was arrested overnight with by Turkish security along with 45 others. Turkey accused the Kurdish PKK of the attack initially, but on Monday they said they could not rule out the possibility that the Islamic State was responsible.

Suspected bomber in Istanbul attack
Suspected bomber in Istanbul attack (Photo: Reuters)


Meanwhile, on Monday the Foreign Ministry reported that no Israelis were wounded in the attack.

“After hours of intensive activity, we were able to contact all Israelis who we had concern for their safety, there were no Israeli casualties in the incident,” the ministry said.

The Israeli National Security Council (NCS) issued a level 3 travel warning for Turkey, which is considered a medium threat level. Thus it is generally recommended to avoid non-essential trips to the country.

As reported by Ynetnews