JERUSALEM — In a moving clip portraying Aharon Immergreen, a young Avreich who was critically injured in a terrorist attack in the Old City in November 2021, Immergreen is seen returning in a wheelchair to the scene of the murderous attack in the Old City.

On the morning of the attack Immergreen was on his way to the Kotel for Shacharis prayers. The terrorist opened fire, killing Eliyahu Kay, a young soldier, and critically injuring Aharon, who moments before had screamed: “help, help” after realizing that it was a terrorist attack. Aharon lay on the ground in critical condition, but as the terrorist moved towards him to shoot him again, a policewoman shot the terrorist dead. The next moment an army medic rushed towards him to treat his injuries. Aharon was bleeding severely and the medic succeeded in stemming the blood but was convinced that he would not survive. Despite all odds, Aharon survived, although he is paralyzed, and returned to the scene to thank the two people who without doubt saved his life that day. Aharon then went to the Kotel for the first time since the attack.

Aharon’s parents described their feelings and emotions on arriving at the scene of the attack and thanked the two police officers profusely for saving their son’s life.

As reported by VINnews