By Aryeh HaKohen Katz

It appeared on Thursday morning, as an op-ed on CNN.  The description of religious Jews by a supposedly well-respected analyst was so shocking that one had to read it three times to believe that Aaron David Miller could have written such a thing.  In his own words:

But while polling had predicted that the Religious Zionism – a bloc of three extremist parties that collectively embody a racist, Jewish supremacist, anti-Arab and homophobic view – would do well in the election, the extent of their success was nonetheless stunning.

“Collectively embody a racist, Jewish supremacist, anti-Arab and homophobic view?”

Really?  We will try to deal with each of these four foul appellations one by one.  But for starters – You do realize that you have just written off the entire gamut of observant Jews as racist.  Thank you, Aaron David Miller.  Thank you.  You have just justified to the world that it is okay to spit upon and beat up Hasidic Jews in New York.  Why not?  They are all racist, anyway.  You have justified the horrors of anti-Semitic acts.  You have justified violence against those Jews that wear the knitted yarmulkah – by which the religious Zionists identify themselves.  You have justified the attacks on black-hatted Yeshiva students.  With the stroke of a pen, or rather your laptop, you have brought back the perfidious lies of centuries of hate and anti-Semitism.

Your words are reminiscent of those of Thomas Dine, the former head of AIPAC, when he described Orthodox Jews as “smelly” and “low class.”  Back then, he was forced to resign for his open slurs.  Is there no one at CNN that watches out for disgusting slurs?  Will they fire you?  Or will they high five you and coddle you for your downright despicable hatred toward observant Jews.

No, Mr. Miller.  First of all, you really need to educate yourself before you spew such outright venom.  The three parties do not fall under the rubric of religious Zionists.  Included in your erroneous description is United Torah Judaism.  This is comprised of two groups: Degel HaTorah and Agudath Israel.  Perhaps you should get off your ivory tower and maybe Google them.  They are not Zionists at all.  Both groups study the Talmud and the bible.  Agudath Israel in Israel, by and large, also study Hasidic works.  Maybe you should do some reading about that too.  Rabbi Chaim Vital is a work that many Chasidim study – take a look at his Sefer Shaarei Kedusha (1:5) where he writes that one should love gentiles.  Is this Jewish supremacists?

Degel HaTorah is comprised of people who stem from the great Lithuanian Yeshivos.  Its students were steeped in the traditions of the study of ethics promulgated by Rabbi Israel Salanter.  One such book is Sefer Tomer Devorah written some 400 years ago by Rabbi Moshe Cordevera.  There, in chapter two, he writes of the obligation of loving all men.

We move on to Shas.  Shas is the party started by Rabbi Ovadiah Yoseph – who has been described by the leftist media to appear to be anti-Arab.   And the leftist media are all “honorable men”, right Mr. Miller?  They wouldn’t lie, would they?

But here’s a letter with the seal of Rav Ovadia. Let but the leftists hear this testament and they will see that nothing can be further from the truth.

“For your highness, President of Egypt Muhammad Hosni Mubarak, may his glory be exalted,” wrote Shas’s founder. “May you continue to lead you countrymen in majesty, courage and strength, for a lifetime and in peace; may you succeed in all your doings, according to your heart’s desire..”   Rabbi Ovadia signed the letter with a warm greeting, “Respectfully yours, in the greatness of your virtue.”

Oh, CNN!  Racism should be made of sterner stuff. Yet Miller says Shas is racist, that they are all racists, And Miller is an honorable man. Yet this letter points otherwise.

No, Mr. Miller.  They do not hate Arabs.  They hate terrorism.  They hate terrorists.  They hate those that blow up innocent victims – young and pregnant married women eating in the Sbarro Pizza shop.  And, yes, they justifiably hate those who give out candy and dance in the streets when murderous terrorists kill random innocent people.  Do you remember when so many terrorist-lovers did that when they heard about 9-11?  When they heard about the 2753 people that were killed in the World Trade Center and its surroundings?  And the 184 that died at the Pentagon?  The 246 that died on the four planes?  And the 40 in Pennsylvania?

Of course, you may not understand that.  You and your wife brought alumni campers from your Seeds of Peace camp to meetings with Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat.  I quote to you from a letter to the New York Times from Lisa and Ilsa Klinghoffer:

Leon Klinghoffer, our father, was one innocent civilian among thousands who were murdered under the rule of Yasir Arafat and the P.L.O. As a family who has unfortunately been touched by Mr. Arafat’s terrorism, we find that our only solace in his death is that he cannot kill anyone ever again.  It is mind-boggling that some would view him as a diplomat, martyr, hero and even a peacemaker. This is definitely not how we know him to be. To us, Mr. Arafat will always be a murderer and a terrorist; and one less terrorist on this earth is a good thing.

But I digress.  Let’s get back to your depiction of observant Jews.

“Jewish supremacists?”   Really?  All of these groups subscribe to the principle that a gentile need only follow the seven Noahide laws and be good – and they merit great reward.  They study a book entitled Tomer Devorah which discusses universal brotherhood.  On the Rosh haShana prayers they pray for the time when all the nations of the world will unify in one group to perform the will of the Creator.  It does not say that they will convert to Judaism.  There is no supremacy here.  And yet, we never hear you condemn the Catholic church who believe that Jews who do not accept the Christian Bible will go straight to Hell – you know the one’s who gave your father  the Archbishop Edward F. Hoban Award?  Are they not even more racist?  Nor have we seen you describe or condemn them as homophobic.

Mr. Miller, belief in the bible does not render someone homophobic.  The eating of lobster is described by the Torah as abominable – the same term used for forbidden sexual acts.  One can love people without embracing what it is that they do.

What has happened here is the coming together of varied factions of all types of Jews to unite for the values of the Torah and against those who embrace terrorism and terrorist acts.

Mr. Miller, your hateful depiction of observant Jews deserves, nay demands, an apology or your resignation from CNN.

As reported by VINnews