JERUSALEM — Yosefa Fish, a 93-year-old pianist residing in Petah Tikva, is remarkably sprightly for her age. Fish has not forgotten an event which left an indelible impression on her even at the age of 4, when Yossele Rosenblatt arrived in the town to perform a concert and sung many of his famous tunes, including Shir Hamaalos.

Fish, evidently a musical prodigy, was enchanted by Rosenblatt’s concert and since then performed his tunes many times including on Israeli television. Yet it is hard to find a nonagenarian who plays with such gusto and enthusiasm.

During the course of coronavirus Fish was not able to attend shul services at the main Petah Tikva shul, which was built by her grandfather in conjunction with Baron Rothschild at the end of the 19th century. She was looking forward to participating in Yom Kippur prayers this year and asked Chazan David Weinbach to perform some of the songs which were sung in the shul many years ago. Weinbach brought his choir and endeavored to comply with the request.

In another clip Fish described her distinguished lineage and also played Kevakaras Roeh Edro as she remembered from the shul’s choir many years ago.

As reported by VINnews