JERUSALEM— In a sickening example of hateful behavior towards chareidim which occurred in Tel Aviv, a man walking down a street deliberately pushes a yeshiva student to the ground and walks away. The yeshiva student was uninjured but extremely humiliated by the wanton attack, which was caught on security cameras of a nearby store.

The attack occurred last Friday as a number of yeshiva students were walking down a Tel Aviv street and were accosted by a secular person who violently pushed one of them to the ground. The yeshiva student, apparently a Chabad youth who was preparing to place Tefillin for bystanders, was shielding his eyes with his hat as he walked but the attacker deliberately walked up to him and pushed him. The surveillance footage has been submitted to police and a complaint was made against the attacker.

The student later related that “We were on a way to a Tefillin campaign which we do weekly, walking on Allenby Street when a man confronted us, screamed “chareidim” and pushed me to the floor.”

the Religious Zionist party responded by stating that “for an entire year the government of division and hatred has been bearing fruit. Liberman and his wheelbarrows and Yair who is constantly inciting against us in his campaigns, build their political existence on hatred of religious people and chareidim.

“Religious Zionism is committed to fixing this. With G-d’s help after the elections we will establish a government which will serve the entire people. The state of Israel is the national home of the Jewish nation and inciting against parts of the people causes a rift and division and harms the delicate fabric of Israeli society. Enough incitement!”

As reported by VINnews