NEW YORK (Yaakov M / VINnews) — A Twitter war has erupted among Orthodox Jews, over conservative congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene.

It began when an outspoken leftist Jew accused MTG of being an antisemite, in part because she supports Christian Nationalism.

The blogger, known as “Dov Bear”, sarcastically wrote on Twitter: “Why is Trump, our super best friend, toying with elevating a self proclaimed Christian nationalist who attends Nazi events and spreads anti-semetic lies?”

He also insinuated that Ami Magazine’s Turx helped MTG spread “propaganda”, saying: “Did @JakeTurx see this coming? What did he and MTG discuss during the propaganda tour of Boro Park?”

In response, Turx suggested that Jews who rampantly label people they don’t agree with as “Nazis” and antisemites are actually stoking hatred.

Dov Bear accused Turx of “blaming antisemitism on the Jews.”

At one point Turx defended his position by saying: “For years I’ve been abused, harassed & bullied by leftists – who seem to know zero about me or my positions – and I’ve never responded in kind. I can handle y’all. But when Jews act this way against strangers, don’t act too surprised when some of them conclude all Jews are jerks.”

Another orthodox Twitter user blasted Turx, saying: “The only jews that are jerks are the ones that follow literal Nazis. Maybe we should have been nicer to Hitler when he assumed power. Some us were. How did that work out ?”

Turx replied: “No. Try instead: if only we had been nicer to all people, perhaps the Nazi Party would’ve never found much support among the general populace.”

As reported by Vos Iz Neias