Gazi Kodzo, the leader of the Black supremacist communist cult Black Hammer, was arrested after the suicide of a member.

 Soviet flag (photo credit: Wikimedia/СССР)
Soviet flag (photo credit: Wikimedia/СССР)


The leader of a revolutionary Black supremacist communist cult that previously burned Anne Frank’s diary has been arrested for kidnapping, imprisonment and forced sodomy after a member of the commune was found dead at the group’s home in Fayetteville last Tuesday.


Augustus Romain, also known as Gazi Kodzo, “commander” of Black Hammer, was arrested by Fayetteville Police along with another group leader, Xavier Rushin, also known as Colonel Keno.

The Black Hammer leaders were charged with multiple crimes — Romain was alleged to have committed aggravated sodomy, multiple counts of conspiracy to commit a felony, criminal street gang activity, and was party to false imprisonment, kidnapping, and aggravated assault.

Last Tuesday, Fayetteville police had received a call from someone claiming that they had been kidnapped. The authorities traced the call to the Black Hammer communal house.

The occupants were evacuated except for one person, and after a standoff, a bomb disposal robot was sent into the building, police said. Amonte Ammons, 18 — who Black Hammer called “AP,” their Defense Minister — was found dead of a self-inflicted gunshot.

Black Hammer claimed that Ammons was killed by the police in an ambush by the “Fayetteville Police Department, SWAT and the FBI” at the group’s Atlanta headquarters. The communist group also claimed that one of their former members who had made the original call had stolen items belonging to Romain and Rushin.

The communist revolutionary organization has since launched a campaign demanding the release of Romain and Rushin.

The police said that the investigation into the incident was still ongoing and that they would release new information when available.

Black Hammer’s antisemitism

Black Hammer gained attention in early 2021 when they burned copies of Anne Frank’s diary during the group’s failed attempt to establish its own ethno-exclusive town, Hammer City, in Colorado.

“Y’all [whites] keep asking us how we’re going to keep ourselves warm up in the mountains?” tweeted Black Hammer, with a picture of Anne Frank’s diary and a campfire. “Don’t y’all already know it just takes a good book to burn and some nice wood And best believe we have plenty of copies to keep us warm all season long.”

The group claimed that Frank’s story was propaganda used to suppress ethnic minorities and was used to promote Zionism, which Romain sees as a colonial movement.

“Anne Frank is literally amerikan [sic] propaganda used to silence colonized people on the harm [white] Jews are doing today to colonized people,” the group said in May.

Black Hammer also claimed that promoting Frank “who benefitted from the looting of stolen land,” ignored the suffering of other groups.

“Anne Frank’s father participated in an imperial army that went abroad & killed African people every day, but we’re supposed to cry for the bleach demon,” Black Hammer continued. “What makes it even worse is proceeds of her diary, which was filled in by her father, go towards genocide of Palestinians.”

Black Hammer said that they wanted to unite “colonized people” who “suffered centuries of genocide from colonialism that [white] Jews benefit from, like isntreal [Israel] and the invasion of Palestine.”

The groups’ rhetoric about Frank’s supposed “white privilege” was recently echoed in early July. Debates about Frank on Twitter led her name to trend on the social media platform.

What is Black Hammer?

Black Hammer is a Black supremacist communist cult, which blames any societal ills being suffered by non-white peoples on colonialism and neocolonialism.

“The Black Hammer Party exists to take the land back for all colonized people worldwide,” says its mission statement.

The group seeks political revolution and engages in anti-white racial rhetoric. Currently, Black Hammer has a Russian flag in its name on Twitter, seemingly showing support for the country in its war against Ukraine.

According to Black Hammer’s website, Romain has been recruiting homeless men into his commune.

Romain, under his pseudonym as Gazi Kodzo, started as a cultural critic YouTuber, but veered into political activism. He was involved in the George Floyd protests, but became known for his disturbing and flamboyant speeches and Joker make-up.

“Gazi Kodzo is the people’s Robin Hood,” said Black Hammer, praising its leader after his arrest.

As reported by The Jerusalem Post