UN Watch claims political opponents, LGBTQ community members, human rights activists and Palestinians selling land to Israelis or cooperating with Jewish state suffer inhumane, cruel and humiliating torture in both West Bank and Gaza

A new report by a human rights organization reveals the extent of systematic torture practices used by the Palestinian Authority and Hamas on detainees, including beatings and excessive interrogations.

The UN Watch report claims the detainees subjected to these practices include members of the LGBTQ community, human rights activists and Palestinians accused of selling land to Israelis or cooperating with the Jewish state.

UN Watch Executive Director Hillel Neuer
UN Watch Executive Director Hillel Neuer (Photo: UN Watch)


The rights group, which is based in Geneva is a Jewish owned non-governmental organization that monitors the performance of the United Nations. In their mission statement the group says it stands at the “forefront in combating racism, antisemitism, and anti-Israel prejudice,” at the international body.

In a report published on its website on Tuesday, the group said they would monitor the UN committee on torture, which is convened for a two-day session, to probe if the Palestinians are in compliance with UN policies.

Executive Director Hillel C. Neuer says the evidence shows “torture, other cruel, inhuman and humiliating practices against detainees in jails on the West Bank and in Gaza.”

הפגנות בחברון כמחאה על מותו של הפעיל הפלסטיני ניזאר בנאת
Palestinians protest death of detainee in PA jail last year (Photo: AFP)


He said dozens of cases were presented to the UN committee in a briefing on Tuesday, ahead of the Palestinian Authority’s appearance before the committee, the first since it signed the UN covenant on civil and political rights in 2014.

Neuer said the PA in a 67-page response to the committee, attempted to blame Israel in order to deflect from their actions.

“Their document does not contain information about their wide-spread use of torture, or the stapes taken to prevent it,” he said.

“It also does not contain particular cases, justice offered to the victims or actions taken to prevent basic human rights violations,” he said.

שוטרים פלסטינים מכים באלות מפגינים במחאה על ניזאר בנאת
Palestinian Authority police break up human rights protest after detainee dies in PA jail


UN Watch claims members of the LGBTQ community in the Palestinian territories are persecuted and victimized. “Those who managed to escape, recounted the torture they endured and that they were made to name others in the community, forced to marry and suffer constant abuse.”

Neuer called on the Palestinian representative to the UN in Geneva, Ibrahim Khraishi, to be forthcoming and honest about the use of torture by the PA to the committee.

As reported by Ynetnews