Opinion: The U.S. president isn’t traveling to the Middle East to promote foreign policy, but to secure promises that would cut gas prices back home as his Democratic Party faces potential shellacking in mid-terms

Joe Biden will become the first U.S. president to travel directly from Israel to Saudi Arabia. A piece of unprecedented history. But this won’t bring about any statements about the two nations normalizing ties.

When he touches ground in the Saudi desert, the American president will bow his head down to Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, a brutal ruler who is responsible for the murder and dismemberment of journalist Jamal Khashoggi in Istanbul.

מוחמד בן סלמאן
Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (Photo: Reuters)


Biden will shake his hand in an act of forgiveness and remove the “pariah” label off his forehead.

No matter how much dread bin Salman brought to the region with his cruelty and arrogance, Biden is not traveling to the Middle East to promote foreign policy or wow the world, he is coming here seeking promises that would help him curb gas prices back home.

With all due respect to this great superpower that was once considered the leader of the free world, now the president is battling domestic issues.

When voters pay $5 a gallon at the pump, Biden will pay through his nose in the mid-terms this coming November, and then in the 2024 presidential election.

He is already facing shaky support at home and his popularity has nosedived alongside his approval rating which stands at 38%.

ג'ו ביידן
U.S. President Joe Biden (Photo: EPA)


According to opinion polls, the most important issue bedeviling voters is the economy — racing inflation, soaring cost of living and slim job prospects. Even the abortion issue that rocked the United States after the Supreme Court overturned Roe V. Wade doesn’t break into the top five.

That is why Biden will shake hands with the dictator from Riyadh while telling himself this is good for America and Israel. While he is situated in the Saudi royal palace, his message goes to voters in Ohio and Pennsylvania.

Such is reality when a desperate president stands at the top of the American pyramid.

Biden’s second mission would be running some maintenance around the region.

He won’t even bother trying to promote the two-state solution, which the White House has long given up on, but he will open his colossal American wallet and pour its contents on the Palestinians’ table to buy some peace.

כפר מספאר יטא
IDF soldier stands guards as heavy machinery tears down illegal construction in Palestinian village (Photo: Reuters)


He won’t mention the grievances of the longstanding occupation or apartheid under Israeli rule.

Such is reality when a dithering president heads a declining superpower whose position is challenged by both Russia and China.

The pressing issue that will come up in the president’s discussions is a return to the Iran nuclear agreement. His predecessor Donald Trump, from within his obsession, tore to shreds an accord that worked just fine in practice, and he did so with Israel’s blessing.

The Iranians waited a whole year and then put the pedal to the metal with their nuclear program. Biden is trying to resuscitate this agreement that may not be perfect, but at this point in time, it’s not just the Americans who think it’s important to reinstate it, but senior Israeli defense officials too, for it’s better to have 1,000 binding words on a piece of paper than thousands of smart bombs and missiles flying by one another.

מתקן גרעיני פורדו
The uranium enrichment facility in Fordow, Iran (Photo: AFP)


Biden will turn the screws on Israel while sprinkling it with treats to sweeten the pot so Jerusalem won’t oppose the budding agreement that is good for it no matter how you twist it.

He will reiterate the old mantra about how U.S.-Israeli ties are unbreakable and that Israel’s security is paramount. He’ll tell his Israeli interlocutors how he will do everything to ensure that the agreement covers as many issues that are dear to them as possible, but at the same time, will also make it clear that this train will depart if the conditions are right, and that he expects Israel to at least not interfere.

Biden will bring with him some words in polite Americanese, a couple of decent puns, and a ton of affectionate smacks, but sadly nothing will change.

This president lacks the moral fortitude or political sway to smash this destructive reality and bring about hope for a new era.

But at least he’ll likely return home with a barrel of oil at a discounted price, for which he will have paid dearly.

As reported by Ynetnews