NEW YORK — In an ad hoc interview by Israeli blogger Daniel Amram with Brooklyn rabbi Rabbi Yoel Roth, Amram attempted to glean information about the whereabouts of missing Israeli 16-year-old Moishy Kleinerman. Amram succeeded in gaining entry to the Beis Midrash where Roth was giving shiur and came to ask him about when he had last seen Kleinerman, who went missing 84 days ago near Meron. Intensive police searches have yet to establish a lead on where Kleinerman may be.

Roth, a disciple of Rabbi Eliezer Shlomo Schick z’l who in the past has been under police investigation for arranging underage marriages, now serves as rabbi of the Heichal Hakodesh shul in Williamsburg. Amram came to him at the end of his shiur and asked for a selfie and then innocently questioned when the Rabbi had last seen Moishy Kleinerman. Rabbi Roth said that during his recent visit to Israel, he toured many tombs of Tzadikim and Kleinerman always appeared at these sites. “I told him there’s no room on the bus, so he went below and sat in the baggage compartment,” Rabbi Roth recalled. On another occasion when Rabbi Roth arrived at a tomb, “Kleinerman was there, I don’t know how he got there, maybe he hitchhiked,” Roth said.

Blogger Daniel Amram interviews Yoel Roth, full interview appears on his channel “Daniel Amram 2”

Amram then asked Rabbi Roth whether Kleinerman had followed him to New York, in order to see his reaction to the question. Rabbi Roth denied this but Amram sensed that Roth was looking closely at him to see whether he believed him. On his Youtube blog Amram uploaded the entire conversation he had with Roth, including the reaction of Roth to his questions.

Amram asked to hang Kleinerman’s picture in the Beis Midrash but Roth refused, stating that they would know him if they saw him there. Amram also asked Roth whether he felt that Kleinerman was being Moser Nefesh for his rabbi but Roth demurred, saying that he was being Moser Nefesh for himself and not for the rabbi. Amram is concerned that this may imply that Roth feels he is helping Kleinerman by enabling him to disappear.

As reported by Vos Iz Neias