NEW YORK — ABC’s “The View” is once again embroiled in controversy, over comments made by a host that maligned Jews. Sunny Hostin was discussing “White Replacement Theory” in reference to the Buffalo mass shooter who was inspired by the bogus antisemitic piece of propaganda.

On Tuesday Hostin implied that according to the theory, an elite “cabal” of Jews is being replaced by blacks.

In response, Ben Shapiro tweeted: “Wait, what? The Great Replacement Theory does not suggest that Jewish elites are being replaced by people of color. It suggests that Jewish elites are replacing white people with people of color.”

The comments were met with intense backlash from many Jews. Some of them said that even if this was a “misspeak”, Hostin needs to be more responsible about her choice of words, since she has millions of viewers, and her irresponsible wording could lead to more antisemitism and hatred.

Hostin later clarified her remarks on Twitter: “If there is any confusion as to what I said today, let me clarify. White replacement theory is a White supremacist theory which states that there is a cabal of elites and Jewish people who have implemented a plan to replace White people with Black and Brown people.”

Allison Josephs of “Jew in the City” tweeted: “Please clarify on @TheView. Also, fun fact: the white supremacist Buffalo shooter & the black supremacist NYC subway shooter both hate Jews according to their online records. We’re one of the most endangered minorities out there @sunny – don’t give people more reasons to hate us.”

As reported by Vos Iz Neias