On Newsmax TV, Michael Weiner, also known as Michael Savage blasted Charedi Jews, and appeared to defend Lufthansa, after they committed an act of blatant antisemitism and then admitted it on video. He bashed Charedim for “throwing rocks”, and compared Jews not wearing masks to “Devil Worshippers.”

Savage, was asked in an interview about the well-publicized incident in which the German airline banned 130 Jewish passengers over the behavior of “one or two”

He proceeded to blast Chassidim as “fanatical and self-centered”. He blamed Jewish passengers for not complying with the rules, and dismissed the admission by a Lufthansa employee that they targeted Jews as her getting “tripped up and making a mistake.”

This is a very simple matter. If two black passengers on an airplane refused to wear masks, and the airline banned all blacks from boarding their connecting flight, the world would be livid at the extreme hate and bigotry. The NAACP would have filed lawsuits, and every politician in the country would be condemning the airline. Yet Savage seized the opportunity to bash Jews and show his complete disdain and ignorance. He even went so far to say the people on the plane were “Satmar Hassidim who throw rocks” which was completely fabricated.

In response, activist Yossi Gestetner tweeted: Oy. @lufthansa accused only a few Jews of not following the rules, so your hot take that everyone needed to be banned because Orthodox Jews allegedly don’t follow rules elsewhere is insane. Like the Kapos in the 1940s, you are more bigoted to fellow Jews than German persecutors!

Here are more disgraceful quotes from Weiner’s interview:

“I hung out with Lubavitch Chassidim for many years. They are extremely self centered and fanatical in their beliefs.”

He added: “I know these people they don’t listen to anybody. They want to do what they want to do. They throw rocks at people.”

Yes there is a small minority of extremists who throw rocks at people. None of them were on that flight, and even if they were, it does not condone Lufthansa’s inexcusable behavior.

Savage also claimed that the Jew on video who questioned the Lufthansa employee, “was looking for a lawsuit, and baiting her, by sticking a camera in her face.”

Savage added: “Next we will have Devil worshippers wanting to worship the Devil on a plane.”

This is an absurd statement. Nobody claimed that this was a matter of religious freedom, and the comparison of Jews not wanting to wear a mask to “Devil Worship” is simply egregious.

Savage posted another video on Twitter, taken at home most likely cooking pork, in which he added that “the people on the flight were Satmar Chassidim who believe that the State of Israel should not exist.” (That video has since been mysteriously deleted.)

Again, Savage displayed his complete ignorance and disdain. These were not Satmar Chassidim, and even if they were, their philosophical belief has nothing to do with wearing a mask, and certainly does not condone the airline’s behavior in any way.

This is an extremely simple matter, and many on the right and the left are outraged at the airline’s behavior. The only conclusion that one can draw is that Savage used this incident as a pretext to express what is clearly a deep anger and hatred.

Savage claims to be someone who cares about “protecting liberty”, yet he has shown his true colors, and it is dark and ugly.

We call on Savage to invite a real Chassid onto his show, who can set the record straight, and call out his complete ignorance and disdain for religious Jews.

As reported by Vos Iz Neias