JERUSALEM — A 3-year-old Jewish girl was tragically killed after a fire broke out in a Jerusalem six-story residential building Thursday night.

The fire broke out Thursday afternoon in an apartment building in the Geulah neighborhood, and firefighters spent one hour bringing the blaze under control. During this time, the roof of the building collapsed.

Two children were initially reported missing. While one child was located outside the bulding, the second child was tragically found unresponsive inside the building.

A statement by Israel Fire and Rescue services reads as follows: “Forces broke into the stairwell of the building and rescued an elderly woman from the lower floors who was evacuated for further treatment. Forces sought contact, went up to the fourth floor and began pouring water and foam to stop the fire, while scanning for trapped people. At the same time, crews climbed to the roof of the building using a height crane and began efforts to extinguish the [fire] on the roof, which burned down completely while the roof collapsed into the apartment.”

As reported by Vos Iz Neias