Palestinian factions fire rocket for the second time in as many days damaging to property in city of Sderot; resident of a damaged home says rocket hit close to cooking gas canisters; ‘It is a miracle no one was hurt,’ he says

Gaza factions on Wednesday launched a rocket at Israeli communities near the border, for a second time in as many days, causing damage to a residential home.

The military said the Iron Dome missile defense system was not activated. Minor damage was also reported to cars in the southern city of Sderot.

רסיס הרקטה בשדרות
Part of a rocket launched from Gaza outside a home in Sderot on Wednesday (Photo: Matan Tzuri)


No injuries were reported but several people were being treated for shock.

“A few minutes ago, sirens sounded in the area surrounding the Gaza Strip. One rocket was fired from the Gaza Strip into Israeli territory,” the IDF said in a statement shortly after the incident.

“My parents were with me and we heard a loud explosion and saw a small fire break out. We put it out. It was terrifying, It is a miracle that no one was hurt,” the resident of the home said. “The rocket fell near the gas canisters,” he added.

הנזק כתוצאה מירי הרקטה לעיר
A car damaged by rocket fire from Gaza in Sderot on Wednesday (Photo: Kol Barama)


After a rocket was fired on Monday, for the first time in over three months, the IDF conducted an air strike on Hamas targets. A military spokesperson said the planes destroyed a weapons production facility.

Monday’s launch was attributed to the Islamic Jihad although Israel had said that it will hold Gaza’s rulers Hamas responsible for any attack from its territory.

The rocket fire came hours after a right-wing march in Jerusalem that was prevented from entering the Muslim quarter in the Old City by the police. The marchers clashed with the forces near the Damascus Gate, changing racist slogans against Arabs.

תיעוד שיגור הרקטה לעבר שדרות
A rocket is fired from Gaza at southern Israel on Wednesday (Photo: Courtesy)


Tensions in Jerusalem remain high at Muslims celebrate the holy month of Ramadan. Palestinian rioters have clashed with police on Temple Mount repeatedly in recent days, resulting in mass arrests.

The rioters called on Hamas to join them in what they said was protecting the Muslim holy site, by firing rockets into Israel.

As reported by Ynetnews