The subway attack this week could have been prevented. Not by tougher gun laws, but by locking up repeat criminals and keeping them behind bars.

Subway shooter Frank James had at least fifteen prior arrests in New York and New Jersey (and likely many more in other states). The charges included burglary, theft of service, trespass, larceny, and disorderly conduct.

James posted terrifying online videos threatening violence and saying that humanity should be exterminated. Any cop could have seen his record, checked his social media, and identified him as a major threat.

In fact, any 10 year old could have figured out that he was a ticking time bomb.

Virtually every mass shooter or terrorist is known to police before the crime. Many have prior arrests and long rap sheets. They also, inexplicably, like to post videos on social media, spewing hatred and threatening to kill people.

But Democrat politicians, along with radical District Attorneys funded by George Soros, allow these monsters to be released again and again.

James possessed multiple weapons, even though current gun laws prevented him from legally obtaining a gun. In case you needed more proof that gun control laws are not the solution.

The solution is better law enforcement, tougher bail laws, and a justice system that locks up criminals, rather than trying to lock up the “evil” Trump family. (Functional security cameras in the subways would not be a bad idea either.)

Several weeks ago, five gang members in Sacramento carried out a mass shooting, killing six and wounding 12. That prompted President Biden to call for tougher gun laws and issue an executive order against “ghost guns” (which are homemade and not trackable).

Whatever your opinion about ghost guns, these laws will not prevent most shootings. They may score Biden brownie points with the anti-gun lobby, but they won’t solve the problem.

The shooters in Sacramento were vicious gang members with long criminal histories.

Dandrae Martin was wanted since 2015, with an outstanding warrant for a misdemeanor domestic violence charge. He was released from prison in 2020 after serving time for violating probation in two felony convictions, an attempt to commit aggravated assault, and a marijuana charge.

Smiley Martin has had run-ins with the law since at least 2013. In a letter last year to the Board of Parole Hearings, the DA’s office called Smiley’s criminal conduct “violent and lengthy.” They wrote that he committed several felony violations and had “little regard for human life and the law.”

A third shooter was wanted on multiple felony warrants that include domestic violence and gun charges.

Why were these monsters allowed to walk the streets? And more importantly, how did they obtain guns illegally?

The answer is not tougher gun laws. The answer is enforcing the current laws on the books, and locking criminals up for decades.

In New York this November, we will have a chance to change the system dramatically. New Yorkers are disgruntled (including independents and even some Democrat voters). Democrat candidates like Hochul are weak, which means that Republicans such as Lee Zeldin, Andrew Giuliani, and Rob Astorino all have a chance. They have vowed to be tough on crime, and reform the pathetic criminal justice system.

Isn’t it time for the frum community to put safety first, and endorse a Republican? How many more antisemitic incidents need to happen, and how many more shootings, until we wake up and realize what our priorities should be?

As reported by Vos Iz Neias