Opinion: Israeli Arabs and Bedouins must understand that they are more than welcome to live in the Jewish state, with all the benefits that come with it; but to do so, incitement to violence and attacks on Jews must stop

The recent terror wave, much like the riots in mixed cities last May, has made one thing very clear. If Israelis had thought that violence and crime prevalent in the Arab communities are the problems only of the areas adjacent to their population sectors, they have been proven painfully wrong in recent weeks.

Israel should not have expected that years of neglect and lack of enforcement – including illegal construction, and arms and drugs trade – in the Negev, some areas of the Galilee, and the mixed cities were not going to explode in our faces.

הנשק הלא חוקי שנתפס בלקיה
Weapons seized in the Arab sector (Photo: Roi Idan)


But these kinds of events also make another thing clear.

For example, the Second Intifada in the 2000s proved to Israelis there is no partner for peace on the Palestinian side. In addition, after Israel withdrew from the Gaza Strip to the very last inch, instead of prosperity for the Palestinians, the enclave has turned into a launching pad for barrages of rockets. So, perhaps it is time to clarify to the Israeli Arabs and the Bedouins (Arabic-speaking nomadic tribe) where we stand.

We can no longer tolerate Israeli Arab municipalities expressing condolences to the families of terrorists who carried out deadly attacks against Israelis.

Israel can also no longer agree to remain silent when a parliamentary assistant from the Arab Joint List praises terrorists on social media, while not having his entry permit to the Knesset revoked.

Shortly after that same assistant was forced to come up with lame excuses, such as his Facebook account being hacked, to justify this behavior.

Terror attacks committed by Israeli Arabs in Be'er Sheva and Hadera
Terror attacks committed by Israeli Arabs in Be’er Sheva and Hadera


But, perhaps all the recent events occurred to remind us and the Israeli Arabs, that in order to live in co-existence within the borders of this country, one must adhere to minimal rules of civility.

Many of Israel’s Arabs and Bedouins have chosen this option, which I think is the most rational one. Those who understand and embrace it, can integrate and lead the way in the high-tech sector, scientific research, and even join the police. I don’t object to any of that.

What I object to are those who have chosen to “have the best of both worlds”. During the day, they enjoy a convenient living as Israeli citizens, but during the night they either praise terror or directly participate in it, harming innocent people just because they are Jewish.

Joint List Chair MK Ayman Odeh wants the Israeli Arabs to choose the second option, because his future and living depend on playing this two-faced game.

איימן עודה
MK Ayman Odeh called on Arab Israeli police officers and soldiers to lay down their arms (Photo: Facebook)


We should demand from the Israel Arabs and the Bedouin to do something that is certainly not going to be easy for them: Make a loud statement that Israel is a Jewish and democratic state, and in return, they will receive full rights and even affirmative action.

Maybe that’s not the pinnacle of their dreams, but this country has a lot to offer and a lot of advantages that they can benefit from, so there is no logical reason for them not to accept these terms.

The Jews, on the other hand, should not expect the Israeli Arabs to sing our national anthem, as long as they understand that it is a privilege to live in this country. We should also not expect them to be Zionists or wave the Israeli flag… as long as they don’t wave the Palestinian one.

And if they don’t accept these terms, there will receive no welfare benefits from the state because I refuse for my tax shekels to go to those who praise terrorists.

Israel’s Arabs – the choice is yours.

As reported by Ynetnews