SOHO — A video shared on twitter by Newsmax columnist Bryan Leib, shows a shirtless man threatening a Chabad Shliach in Soho this past Friday.

In the video, the Shliach, identified by Lieb as Yossi, is seen on the sidewalk, as a shirtless man is yelling at him “Call the [expletive] police, or I’m gonna blow your head off!”

When Yossi quickly retreats, the man follows him with his hands in his pockets, and continues to yell “I’m gonna blow your head off with the gun that I have in my pocket.”

He then yells a racial slur, and walks off yelling “Are you Jewish?!”

Yossi was undeterred by the man’s hate, and continued to stay on location, helping people to put on Tefilin and pray.

“We are doing this Tefilin to show that we are stronger than hate,” Yossi said as he finished wrapping Tefilin on a man on the street. “Even though that guy tried to do an anti-Semitic act, tried to attack us, we are showing that we are stronger than him.”

“And through putting on Tefilin, we show that Am Yisroel Chai, we are one, and we stand together against hate.”

In a disturbing twist to the story, Bryan Leib shared that Facebook removed his post on the story, and in fact threatened to restrict his account if he “violates” again.

As reported by Vos Iz Neias