By Rabbi Yair Hoffman for

Reb Aryeh Kanievsky shlita is the grandson of Rav Chaim zt”l, and spent many hours each day being meshamesh him.  He learned in the Ponevech Yeshiva under Rav Gershon Edelstein and under Rav Boruch Dov Povarsky. He also runs the amutah established by Rav Chaim l’zaicher nishmas his grandmother.

YH: HaMakom yenachem eschem besoch sh’ar avlei tzion viyerushalayim.  The loss of the Gadol HaDor is very tragic.  What is the family planning to do as a zchus for his neshama?

RAK:  The best thing to do is to follow precedent.  What did Maran do after his own aishes Chayil passed away?  He established shiurim l’zaicher nishmasa in both Torah and in the study of mussar.  He said, “Boruch Hashem, Torah we have – but we do need to be mechazaik the learning of mussar.”

After consulting with Gedolei Torah, the family came to the conclusion that we should rededicate the Mussar-promoting organization, Orchos Yosher to be l’zaicher nishmas both Rebbitzen Bas-Sheva Esther a”h as well as Maran zt”l.  The zeide’s mussar sefer, “Orchos Yosher” is a very good medium on which to do this.  At the shivah, Rav Gershon Edelstein shlita said that the biggest zchus is to learn from his seforim.

YH: How many shiurei mussar are being taught now throughout eretz Yisroel?

RAK:  There are boruch hashem over 800 daily mussar shiurim now.  We hope to also launch the shiurim in chutz la’aretz too.  Both Torah and mussar.  And to increase the learning and teaching even more.  There is no z’chus like zikkui harabbim.

YH:  Who are you planning to teach the shiurim in chutz la’aretz?

RAK:  We are still in the planning stage and have not fully worked that part out.  We will know more after the shiva.

YH:  What other plans are on the table?

RAK:  There is also a plan to revamp the English language website in order to make more of Rav Chaim’s Torah, halachos, hashkafos, and observations, available to the general public.  This should be available within a week or two’s time and is a project that will be gradually added to more and more.  There will also be a button to ask shailos and aitzos of Mori v’avi (Maran zatzal’s son, Rav Avrohom Yishayahu Kanievsky shlita).

YH:  Much hatzlacha.

As reported by Vos Iz Neias