Opinion: PM should not get involved in mediation efforts between Russia and Ukraine since that would require holding friendly chats with Russian president, whose hands are covered in blood and whose own country on brink of civil war

On Sunday, Kremlin spokesperson reported of another long phone call between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister Naftali Bennett, who has been mediating peace talks between Russia and Ukraine. Let’s hope this call was the last one between the two.

Putin isn’t just another President of Great Russia, but a war criminal on a mission to manifest his title.

נשיא רוסיה ולדימיר פוטין


Blinded by imperialistic craze, Putin called on his army to invade a benign neighboring country, shell it, destroy it, and turn its cities into rubble, while killing as many civilians as possible. These are war crimes according to the law, not to mention extremely immoral.

Putin in 2022 no longer represents the Russian nation. What he represents, if at all, is a fearful and cruel society made up of KGB veterans, enclosed within the Kremlin walls. They’re lying to their nation, to themselves, and to the rest of the world, which isn’t buying their lies.

Their hands are covered in blood and Israel’s premier has nothing to talk about, neither with them, nor with their leader, who is escorting them to their doom.

ישיבת ממשלה
Prime Minister Naftali Bennett (Photo: Flash 90)


Nothing good, effective, moral, or worthy will come out of the talks between Bennett and Putin. War criminals are not partners for conversation, negotiation, or mediation; they should not be offered time and time again to reconsider their brutal actions.

U.S. President Joe Biden and all his government elite are under no circumstances willing to speak to Putin. Every one of these conversations are displayed to the Russian public as propaganda, exposing the weakness of the West, which is supposedly rushing to Putin with their tails between their legs.

And here’s another reason to avoid chatting with Putin: The Russians people have also had enough. The Russian soldiers are being deterred from fighting Ukrainians, Russian pilots aren’t so quick to bomb Ukrainian cities, and there are mass arrests of Russians protesting the war. All this leads us to draw a pretty obvious conclusion – the Russians are resisting the war and the continuation of the Ukrainian invasion.

נאום ביידן
Biden and Putin (Photo: EPA, Reuters)


As the days go by, the “special military operation,” Putin so cunningly crafted is emerging as the scam. The Russian public is starting to understand that under the deceptive semantics, there is a horrific war being waged. Not just any war, but an unnecessary one – of calamitous atrocities.

Evidently, there’s no way to know when or how Putin’s regime will fall. In one scenario, Putin’s entourage could evade responsibility and hold on to power for a few more years. In another scenario, we soon could be witnessing a civil war within Russia, or at least inside the Kremlin and on the streets of Moscow. The third scenario is if Kyiv’s siege fails, the exhausted Russian forces could turn to weapons of mass destruction.

Given these scenarios, a smart politician of a small state would keep as much distance as possible from any form of conversation with the current Russian leader.

נשיא אוקראינה ולדימיר זלנסקי ו ראש הממשלה דניס שמיהל משבר מלחמה רוסיה אוקראינה
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in the war room (Photo: AFP)


Regarding the claim of maintaining good ties with Putin for the sake of safe keeping the border with Syria, some would say that this is a needless concern.
Russia’s military and technological capabilities in this region are limited, close to non-existent, and definitely not enough to threaten Israel.

All these rationales should make Israel stray away from holding a rumored meeting in Jerusalem between Putin and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. Not only because Putin won’t leave his Kremlin castle, but mostly because Israel’s capital should not be defiled by hosting war criminals in time of war.

As reported by Ynetnews