NEW YORK — Decent people respect justice, and the ones who make the world a better place, because they protect and defend what is right and just. It used to be back in the day that when a child would complain about an adult being inappropriate, the viewpoint was not to believe a child, and that children live in their own make-believe world. How horrifying that must have been for children who were victimized.

Not only that, but the old-fashioned mentality was that the educator is always right. It had gotten to the point where children knew that they might as well keep quiet about inappropriateness perpetrated against them. Oftentimes, these children went through life bearing the pain of their abuse.

In fact, there are adults today who say that when they were growing up how it was known in specific schools who the perpetrating educator was, and these children knew to watch out for that person.

Fast forward several years later when the people became savvier, and actually uttered the words, “sexual abuse” if their child was victimized. These parents would scream and try to bring the perpetrator to justice. But, for those who followed the renowned stories, we know that things did not go well for those families, and not only was justice never served, but the family was ostracized for daring to accuse a so-called respectable person of abusing their child.

Well, we have come a long way since then, because an educator of children said enough is enough, and risking his own self and family, he started going after perpetrators and calling them out.

Rabbi Yakov Horowitz who conducts child abuse prevention and parenting workshops eloquently explains the situation and how to combat this issue. He goes into detail about why a particular child might be targeted, and what to look out for to prevent such a tragedy from occurring. Rabbi Yakov Horowitz also talks about his new book, A Safety Book in Every Home that every parent must read.

As reported by Vos Iz Neias