ALABAMA — A disturbing image has surfaced of a High School instructor teaching students about the Nazi salute, and allegedly having them perform the vicious gesture while facing the American flag.

Teacher Joe Webb was teaching his 11th grade students about the Bellamy salute, adopted by the Nazi regime in the 1930’s. According to reports, when he asked them to replicate the salute, several students refused, including a Jewish young man.

Outrageously, Assistant Principal Jeremy Crigger allegedly made the student who took the photo and video apologize; but the student refused. According to a source, the school administration THEN allegedly told the Jewish student who refused to participate he would get into trouble if the school was made to look bad.

Stop tweeted late Monday night about the heinous incident at Mountain Brook High School in Mountain Brook, Alabama.

“More antisemitic controversy at @mtnbrookhs as an 11th grade history teacher instructs students to perform Nazi salutes as they stand facing the American flag. A few of the students refused to participate; the school’s Principal and Vice Principal are aware. SICKENING,” the tweet read.

The organization referenced a tweet from May 2020 where it called out the same school for antisemitism.

Tweeting a video of students drawing the Nazi symbol on their backs, the organization said: Do your students make it a habit of drawing swastikas on themselves when school is not in session?”

The footage shows several students at a party, including one shirtless one with two swastikas and the word “heil” on his back.

The school released a statement calling the reports that the teacher was trying to get students to give the Nazi salute “unequivocally false.” (Although curiously, the statement has now been removed from “Scribd”.)

As reported by Vos Iz Neias