NEW YORK — Two shocking videos have been published on the New York Post website, depicting rampant shoplifting in the city, with no consequences for the criminals.

Brazen thieves casually grab anything they want, with zero fear of being caught.

It’s pretty much a giant party, with criminals grabbing tons of free stuff, at the expense of big corporations like Rite Aid and Target (and by extension paying customers.)

One shoplifter was so relaxed, he had a chat with a reporter right outside the drug store he just stole from. (That store is one of many in Manhattan closing its doors due to the shoplifting surge.)

Last week a thief loaded four cases of beer into a bag and strolled out of a store, while a security guard watched but did nothing else.

On the video, the shoplifter says, “Sometimes I feel bad for these guys in charge, you feel bad for the security guys. I know I do wrong. If they tell me put it back, I put it back.”

The problem is, storeowners almost never tell him to put anything back or stop him in any way.

State bail reform laws have made it easy for crooks to steal in the open with zero worries. Anything under $1,000 is considered a misdemeanor, and almost always goes unpunished.

Furthermore, employees don’t bother to call 911, and even security guards don’t stop the thieves. (Which begs the question, why are their guards at all?)

Employees were quoted by the Post saying their bosses don’t allow them to engage shoplifters, because they don’t want them to get hurt, and because they’re afraid of being sued–not by employees, but by shoplifters.

As reported by Vos Iz Neias