NEW YORK — Very few if any would believe that less than 80 years since the end of the Holocaust a U.S. company would become the number one distributor of evil Nazi propaganda throughout the world. That was Amazon’s Hate for profit. But, world Jewry is very lucky that there is a hero who made sure that Amazon removed 26 Nazi films from their website -pages for 23 DVDs ceased to exist too and 3 on Prime are now listed as unavailable.

But the most horrific Nazi films such as The Eternal Jew, Yud Suss, and The Rothschild’s Shares in the Waterloo are all gone from their platform. Who gets the credit for that? Our guest, Dov Hikind! Dov is an Orthodox Jew, American politician, activist, and radio talk show host.

Dov is a former Democratic New York State Assemblyman representing Brooklyn’s Assembly district 48, having held this position for 35 years – from January 1983 until December 2018. He is the Founder of Americans Against Antisemitism. Americans Against Antisemitsm is a grassroots coalition that mobilizes supporters to take social action against anti-Semites.

Today, Baila and Cindy from the VINnews podcast ‘The Definitive Rap’ sat down with Dov to discuss how an American multinational company, and one of Big 5 companies allowed such hateful propaganda and literature that has the potential to cause tremendous harm exist on their platform.

They talked about the hostage situation at Congregation Beth Israel in Colleyville Texas where the FBI fisrt said it was not an antisemitic act, and that it was not singularly focused on one issue, and that it was not related to the Jewish community, when the attacker was seeking the release of a woman from prison known as Lady AlQaede who was sentenced to 86 years in federal prison for attempting to kill US troops in Afganistan. Then the FBI retracted their statement.

Baila Sebrow is a journalist, inspirational international speaker, and 5TJT columnist who also hosted numerous radio and Cable TV shows, including Insight/Israel. She is the Founder and President of Neshoma Advocates, Inc., servicing children and families at-risk. Baila is also an acclaimed matchmaker and relationship coach, and president of Baila Sebrow Events, LLC. She has been been featured in various publications, including The New York Times.

Cindy Grosz is host of Cindy’s Celebrity Corner and Cindy’s Political Corner and has co hosted on WOR710AM. She has been featured on One America News Network, Real America’s Voice WABC770 Radio and on radio shows nationally on a regular basis. A former teacher, she has been a voice for minority students in failing public schools. In 2016, she helped write legislation on curriculum oversight. She is the author of “Rubber Room Romance.” Her columns appear regularly in the Times of Israel, Israel National News, Reactionary Times and other outlets. She writes on a range of topics that are newsworthy and trendy. She unsuccessfully ran as the first Modern Orthodox Jewish woman for congress in 2020. During the Trump administration, she was a Jewish Advisor on the National Diversity Coalition for Trump, and is Chair of Jewish Vote GOP.

As reported by Vos Iz Neias