Mayor Sheila Dixon
Mayor Sheila Dixon

BALTIMORE — Sheila Dixon, the former Mayor of Baltimore, is being sharply condemned after she made antisemitic remarks on a Youtube video. Her baseless claims are not only anti-Jewish, they are racially divisive.

The Maryland Republican Jewish Council (MRJC) and the Maryland Black Republican Council (MBRC) are jointly condemning Dixon’s antisemitic and racist comments, in which she claimed that Orthodox Jews had a school closed down near their community because it was attended by black students.

On the December 1st episode of “Pop and Politics LIVE” the former Baltimore Mayor said at the 33:07 minute mark, that politics closed her high school, Northwestern High school because, “The Orthodox Jews didn’t want those Black kids up there in the Upper Park Heights community.”

The comments were not only antisemitic and race-baiting, but patently untrue. A highly credible source told VIN News, “The school board closed Northwestern and many other schools in the city to combine schools with low enrollment numbers and move them into new 21st century school buildings. Northwestern is now Forest Park High School and is in a beautiful new building. This new school is located within the same city council district as Northwestern.”

In 2010, Dixon resigned as Mayor, as part of a plea agreement with prosecutors, after she was found guilty of stealing gift cards from needy families.

As reported by Vos Iz Neias