FILE - Avremi Gourarie with his daughter Yocheved
FILE – Avremi Gourarie with his daughter Yocheved


NEW YORK (VINnews/Sandy Eller) – He has been renowned for years as the premiere arranger and transcriber in the Jewish music world, but one year after the death of his daughter Yocheved, Avremi Gourarie has also become well known as a source of support to parents of struggling children.

Gourarie made no secret of his daughter’s suicide, his music-oriented Facebook posts taking a somber tone as he announced Yocheved’s death, funeral and shiva information on December 22nd, 2020. The 24 year old’s passing made headlines as a pre-scheduled, post appeared posthumously on her Instagram bearing the words, “If you are reading this, I’m gone.”

In the months that followed, Gourarie’s social media feed became filled with inspiring messages, moments of gut-wrenching sadness and touching images of his daughter, and he shared Tik Tok videos, musical clips and other moments of Yocheved’s life.

Far from trying to hide his daughter’s eating disorder and her struggles with depression, Gourarie spoke about her mental health issues openly and campaigns inspiring people to do a good deed and highlighting the kindness of teachers sprang up in Yocheved’s memory.

Gourarie also spoke candidly about the importance of parents embracing children who are struggling on both the Meaningful People and the Hope to Recharge with Matana podcasts.

As Yocheved’s yahrtzeit drew near, Gourarie reached out to Rabbi Yakov Horowitz on Monday night for advice on a problem that someone else was dealing with. The two struck up an immediate friendship and Rabbi Horowitz asked Gourarie if he would be willing to do an interview to share his messages with an even wider audience, offering understanding and empathy to parents who are facing similar challenges with their own children.

“He really understands what people are going through,” Rabbi Horowitz told VIN News. “You can see him reading between the lines and realizing that what they want is to be validated and recognized. People should hear that there are parents who are confronting issues head on and not glossing over them and what a benefit it was to Yocheved that she was able to speak to her father openly.”

Watch below the courageous powerful interview with Rabbi Yakov Horowitz.

As reported by Vos Iz Neias