As 7.09% of all coronavirus tests yield positive results, Israeli hospitals report treating 726 patients in serious condition, reaching heights redolent of previous waves

The Health Ministry on Sunday reported that 7,071 Israelis have tested positive for coronavirus out of 102,935 carried out on Saturday, putting the country’s infection rate at 7.09% — the highest such figure recorded since the onset of the fourth wave of infections.

Israeli hospitals were treating 726 COVID-19 patients in serious condition — adding 21 more patients since midnight. This is the highest number of severe patients in this morbidity wave and 149 of them were connected to ventilators

מחלקת קורונה בית חולים שיבא תל השומר
Sheba Medical Center’s coronavirus ward (Photo: AFP)


Of the severely ill aged 60 and over, the number of patients dropped from 297 to 265 among the vaccinated from last Sunday, marking a 10% decline in serious cases within a week.

Unvaccinated severe patients aged 60 and over went from 181 last Sunday to 222 today, marking an over 20% rise.

However, considering 92% of this age group in Israel had been fully vaccinated against coronavirus, unvaccinated seniors are almost 14 times more likely to develop severe COVID-19 illness than their vaccinated counterparts.

The death toll since the beginning of the pandemic rose to 6,958.

חיסון שלישי של מד"א בחולון
A man is given his coronavirus vaccine booster shot at a pop-up clinic in Holon (Photo: AFP)


With the school year slated to begin on Wednesday, the ministry also reported that at least 124,412 students were in quarantine, with 34,005 confirmed to be infected with the pathogen. In addition, 6,560 school teachers and staff were in quarantine or active patients.

Some 33,312 people were given their third dose of the coronavirus vaccine on Saturday, the lowest daily increase since the launch of the booster shot campaign.

As of Saturday morning, some 1,962,253 Israelis had received their supplementary jab.

As reported by Ynetnews