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Boruch Hashem, there are now Beis Yaakov’s across the country and across the world. It was a movement that was started, of course, by Sara Schenirer a”h. But the Shanghai Bais Yaakov was one of the first that existed outside of a a world that was no more.

Featured here is a picture of the students. The teachers were all students of Sara Schenirer a”h herself. They themselves were married to Mir Talmidim. And they taught these young girls – who moved on to build remarkable Torah homes.

Some married Roshei Yeshiva. Some are our mothers. And some are our grandmothers and great-grandmothers.

But it would be rather fantastic if we could crowdsource this picture and try to identify each of these young ladies and the Moros who taught them.

These were the heroines who built the Torah world that we now live in. Just for hakaras hatov it would be great to identify them all.

If you can, please forward any identifying information and details of where they went afterward, who they married and what they were zocheh to build.

Who knows? Maybe two chevrusos learning across from each other in Mir Yerushalayim, Lakewood, Mir Brooklyn, or any other Yeshiva each had great-grandmothers in this photograph. Maybe we can get a page written up for each of them and put out their story. And maybe we can print up some sort of history of it all, like they do for the great Yeshivos.

So if you have any information, please forward it to the author below. Thank you!

The author can be reached at [email protected]

POST SCRIPT: Wow what a reaction!

The building in the back is the Heim – named by the German Jews who came after ’39. To the right of the two girls holding the sign – is Faigeleh Nayman a”h. next to her may be Rav Gedaliah Ainemer’s wife (sarala) a”h, Sarake Hirshfeld shetichya who lived in Lawrence, next to her is Rebbitzen Esther Levin, a Ginsburg and a granddaughter of Rav Chatzkel Levenstein.

The teacher in white in the third is Rebbitzen Esther Bakst shetichya – daughter of R’ Mordechai Rogov.. More to come.. B’Ezras Hashem..

As reported by Vos Iz Neias