JERUSALEM (VINnews) — The two victims in the bleacher collapse at the new Karlin center in Givat Zeev are 13-year-old Meir Gloiberman and 23-year-old Mordechai Binyamin Rubinstein, both of Beitar Illit. The two were brought to burial after the Shavuos holiday.

42 people injured in the incident are still hospitalized in Hadassah-Ein Kerem hospital, 6 of them in serious condition. 9 people in light to moderate condition are hospitalized in the Har Hatzofim branch of Hadassah hospital. Over the course of the Shavuos festival the hospitals underwent a marathon of orthopedic operations for the many injured chasidim, including 5 children. A 16-year-old boy underwent crucial neurosurgery and he is sedated and ventilated in the Hadassah ICU.

Shaarei Tzedek hospitak reported that it has treated 115 of those injured in the incident. 33 people are still hospitalized, with 6 still in serious condition.

Various authorities have traded accusations over the bleacher collapse. Police investigators arrived immediately after the collapse and spoke with municipal officials and members of the Karlin chassidim who were responsible for the event, which took place in a new building which has yet to be cleared for occupancy.

A clip of the collapse of the bleacher at the new Karlin shul

The director of safety in the Givat Zeev local council had warned prior to the event that the building was not ready to be used. Fire Commissioner Dedi Simchi said that the council itself had been warned before the event. In a letter to them Simchi wrote that “it has been brought to our attention that a large event of the Karlin Stolin chasidim is being planned in a building still under construction during the Shavuos holiday. I wish to state the opinion of the Judea and Samaria fire department, that the mass event is not authorized by the fire and rescue authorities. If an event which requires our authorization is being planned please notify as required.”

Local authority head Yossi Avrahami says he also warned that the building is unsafe. “We closed off the building with signs stating that it is dangerous and nobody is allowed to enter and conduct events,” Avrahami told Ynet. “Unfortunately, we did not receive any assistance from the police. They said that they are not taking responsibility -we have this in writing.”

The Karlin chasidim themselves dismissed the claims regarding the safety of the building. In an official statement they said that “We are shocked and pained at the terrible tragedy which has befallen our community. the Karlin chasidus is very meticulous about anything relating to human life. Pikuach Nefesh (saving lives) is a fundamental principle or us. In the present case there were safety officers appointed by the chasidus and large sums were invested in implementing safety regulations. (emergency exits, escape routes, emergency equipment).

“We reject the attempts to connect the bleacher collapse to the building itself, since we have the appropriate permits including safety permits which we will present to relevant authorities.

“Initial assessments show that there was a serious failure in building the bleacher. The Karlin chasidus will act with transparency and responsibility in conjunction with authorities who are investigating the sad event. We participate in the deep sorrow of the families and are praying for a speedy recovery to those injured. We request that the media act with care and sensitivity towards the families of those injured and killed in the tragedy.”

As reported by Vos Iz Neias